Sea to Summit Pro Single Hammock

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Sea to Summit Pro Single Hammock

The Sea to Summit Pro Single Hammock is a single-person hammock which, Sea to Summit say, has been designed to excel all other hammocks in the market in terms of 'materials, construction, weight, bulk, and ease of use'. The Pro Single Hammock is made from a soft ripstop nylon material that prevents rips and tears whilst still maintaining next-to-skin comfort for a better night's rest, and its highly durable Cordura Nylon compression bag ensures the hammock is fully protected when stuffed into backpacks. It also features high strength steel plated buckles. An ideal choice for the regular hammocker seeking the best quality.

Spécifications techniques

MATERIAL(S)Ripstop nylon, steel plated buckles
SIZE3.0 x 1.5 m


Pro Single Hammock


• One of the lightest and most compact standard hammocks on the market.
• Designed to work seamlessly with the buckles of the Suspenion Straps and Tree Protector to create a simple, streamlined system.

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Pro Single Hammock
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