Alien Cams

When Dave Waggoner, unhappy with the limitations of the then-current climbing protection, developed the first Alien Cams in his home garage back in the 80s, he could've hardly realised that he would dramatically revolutionise thin crack protection, making climbs that were previously impossible, possible. Alien Cams - micro cams with narrow heads and flexible stems - could fit into placements no other cams at that time were able to, and offered a versatility on thin cracks, pin scars, and technical placements that was unrivalled for many years. After Dave's untimely death due to cancer in 2009, the patent was bought by Spanish company Fixe Hardware, who then began to create new Alien Cams that retained the heart of the soul of the original design but with modern improvements on look, handling, and durability, whilst also fixing all of the prominent issues of the old cams. Many brands now of course have copied Dave's original camming devices, but Alien Cams are still the original thin crack protection, and perhaps the lightest and best around.

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